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A window to the most detailed & accurate view of your customers

Introducing Collector Insight

The Collector Insight platform is a tool to help answer the questions that impact our customer’s account management and collection operations. Using Collector Insight, customers can utilise Equifax's vast data to reveal insights that can inform and optimise account management and collections strategies. The platform is a flexible, user friendly and highly capable self service resource for credit providers, collection agencies and mercantiles.

Are my customer’s
circumstances changing?

We can help you form a complete view of your customer’s behaviour, beyond your internal one.

Using this complete view of your customer’s behaviour you can inform your account management and collections strategies.

How can I locate my

  • We can provide you with most up-to-date contact details available by combining Australia’s biggest credit bureau and a wealth of other sourced data.
  • We can provide this to you in a range of ways including:
    • Single search
    • SFTP
    • Web batch

Can I optimise my
account management
& collections strategies?

  • We can give you the most detailed view of your portfolio
  • We can then develop a range of insights to help you identify
    • High risk accounts
    • Changing circumstances
    • Overall portfolio quality and performance

Which can be used to help shape, track and inform your strategies.

*Consumer credit information is only available for credit providers