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A window to the most detailed & accurate view of your customers

Key Benefits

Rich, Reliable Data

The largest source in Australia of consumer and commercial data, coupled with a high volume of file refreshes daily, results in a significant level of potential new information updates.

At Equifax, data isn’t part of our business, it is our business. We collect and compile the very best data we can. Much of this data is unique to Equifax in its capacity as a Credit Reporting Bureau and is data that we believe can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Drive your Collections Strategy

Access to a powerful set of collections tools through a single platform. Improve repayments, save time and improve success rates.

Prioritise your collections strategy by determining which have the highest recovery potential. Using behavioural scores available on Collector Insight, you can rank your customers based on the probability of recovering the debt and focus collections initiatives on more responsive customers.

Save Time

Make contact in less time, with less effort, and with more confidence.

Collector Insight offers the functionality to immediately access updated contact details and credit information on your customers. Collector Insight can be used for individual searches by a collections officer when following up an account or for updating your entire debt book via a single transaction using the batch process.

Reduce Costs

Avoid the unnecessary costs of trying to reach customers with out-of-date contact details or pursuing bankrupt debtors.

With Collector Insight you can access information to help you increase your contact rates and to prioritise your resources more efficiently to reduce operational costs.

Single Point of Access

Access many different and detailed data sources through a single system. We provide it all in one place with just one login.

Single point access to our data. No more logging in and out of multiple systems or between different providers to piece together the information you need to make contact. Get more accurate data from one location.

Support the way you Operate

A search workspace carefully designed to support the way you work.

Consulting with customers has helped us to build our system to support the way you work with innovative time saving features. We will continually enhance Collector Insight to suit changing customer needs and as we adapt to the new comprehensive credit reporting environment.